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Turnkey lab design commissioning and operation services.

Chemical plant

SGS provides a comprehensive range of oilfield laboratory services to meet your lab design, lab commissioning and operations requirements. We offer your business a full range of technical consultancy to ensure that labs for production operations are correctly specified and meet project operational requirements. Our experience includes laboratory projects for oil or gas producing FPSOs, fixed platforms, onshore gas processing plants, LNG production, oil processing and refining.

Our operational expertise allows us to bring lessons learned into all aspects of:

  • Design
  • Equipment specification
  • Method development and validation
  • Documentation
  • Lab operations and maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance

SGS laboratory outsourcing services

Analysis requirements and design of laboratories

We work with your project team to find the best solutions for your needs including identifying sampling and analytical requirements, lab design, layout and work flow, equipment and laboratory specification requirements. We also interface with contractors to ensure that the building design and services (including plumbing, electrical and ventilation) are fit for purpose.


  • Analytical and sampling requirements
  • Lab footprint, layout and design considerations
  • Layout drawings showing the placement of instruments and furniture
  • Hardware, software, storage and office space needs
  • Equipment, reagents, spares and consumables specification
  • Service requirements (gas lines, plumbing, ventilation, sample disposal)

Third-party laboratory management and operations

We recognize that data quality, efficiency and cost-savings matter most to you when it comes to laboratory management and operation. SGS is the world leader in third party laboratory operations and management and you can trust in our proven management services.


  • Operational, regulatory, special event analysis
  • Laboratory analysis/certification: production fluids; refined products and feedstocks; high-pressure gas and liquids; hydrocarbon products; process fluids; water; air etc.
  • Analyst training and proficiency testing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Customized field training, sampling and testing
  • Intra-laboratory exchange programs
  • Contract staffing for temporary or permanent assignments
  • Field chemists for on site rotational contracts


Selecting correctly from the range of analytical equipment needed to provide a full suite of production, custody transfer and environmental analysis can be daunting. We work with you to specify equipment and methods appropriate to your operations. Our extensive array of instrumentation provides you with analysis from high percent levels to parts per quadrillion and we source equipment and reagents for you at prices that are highly competitive.

Procurement and commissioning services

SGS has experience of procuring and delivering fully commissioned laboratories to a variety of oil and gas production and processing projects around the world. Using its global operations network, SGS identifies the most efficient way to procure equipment, consumables and reagents, delivering them on time to the project location. In addition, SGS can project manage the design and build of laboratory facilities including installation of laboratory furniture and utilities for; Hazardous Area certified laboratory modules for offshore applications, onshore non-certified modular build facilities and conventional-built land based labs.


SGS can provide complete management of laboratory operations including provision of lab staff, supervision and management. SGS draws on its global experience of lab operations to ensure staff are selected and trained in accordance with project sampling and analytical requirements. For remote operations, SGS can provide site-based staff on a rotational basis and initiate programs for training and development of local personnel for laboratory operations.

Throughout the life of a project, SGS can take responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of laboratory operations are supported and managed. SGS manages quality of laboratory data, implements LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), as well as procedures for maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment, procures consumables, undertakes replacement of defective equipment and works with your operations to ensure that any future need for analysis is identified and provided for.


SGS has significant experience in the implementation and operation of ISO accredited laboratory facilities. Our programs cover QA aspects such as responsibilities, training, procurement, maintenance and QC essentials such as data reporting criteria, methods and procedures.

Health and Safety

We know that health and safety systems are paramount to business and operational considerations for you. SGS provides detailed HSE planning for laboratory operations and all of our sites operate in accordance with a number of HSE protocols and practices: employee health monitoring programs; designated substance monitoring programs; MSDS-based worker information databases; HazOp meetings; and joint Health and Safety Committee meetings and inspections.

For more information on how SGS lab design, commissioning and operation services can help you, contact us now.

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