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E-waste management from SGS – minimize environmental and health risks with a self-funding, full-scale waste management system.

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The rapid growth in the use of electrical and electronic devices around the world is causing a huge increase in the amount of e-waste produced globally. E-waste is exported to countries without the resources to deal with the waste itself, or its effects on health and the environment. Burning, breaking up or consigning e-waste to landfills does not solve the problem. Over time, more than 1000 substances found in e-waste, including lead, cadmium and mercury, can be released from storage and find their way into the ecosystem.

To help nations deal with their e-waste, SGS has created RenovoTM, a self-funding, full-scale waste management system. It covers the entire solution chain from production through recovery, recycling and sustainable disposable.

Why use Renovo e-waste management from SGS?

Renovo is a unique, end-to-end solution to the problem of e-waste. It consists of three modules, to ensure that there are benefits to every aspect of waste-management. These are

  1. Physical inspection at the country of origin, to ensure your country does not become a dumping ground for hazardous waste products. We check that exporters are not shipping waste products to your country, while claiming they are other items, and that any waste items comply with the rules and regulations of the Basel convention.

  2. Creating a revenue stream from the Advanced Recycling Tax (ART), which is based on the “extended producer responsibility” and “polluters pay” principles and follows equipment to the end of its life. If your country does not have an official waste management program, we can support you in the process of implementing legislation to facilitate the collection of ART.
  3. Building and running a modern, effective waste processing facility in your country, using the revenues derived from ART. We emphasize the recovery of useful items and the reduction of the amount of hazardous materials sent to landfill.

Ultimate benefits of Renovo e-waste management include:

  • A drastic reduction in the amount of toxic materials affecting soil, groundwater and the food chain
  • Reduction in the spread of common diseases, whether from discarded hospital waste or malarial mosquitoes breeding on waste tires
  • Stimulation of economic growth by creating new jobs, using local staff, and new opportunities in other sectors, such as the resale of recovered materials in the local and international manufacturing sectors 
  • Increased awareness of environmental and recycling issues, stimulating further growth

Uniquely placed to help solve your nation’s e-waste problem

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS has the resources experience and infrastructure to perform two tasks that are vital to effective waste management. These are ensuring that goods to be exported comply with the Basel convention on e-waste and efficiently collecting ART. By including these tasks in our e-waste solution, we ensure that your e-waste management system is effective, self-funding and sustainable.

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